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Privacy Policy

Weekly Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as our company) pays close attention to the handling of all guests' personal information and we are striving to protect it.

1. Purpose of use of personal information

In this website, we will collect minimum information from guests in order to provide better services / products. We will use your personal information collected by our company for the following purposes.
· Use for confirmation that you are the principal
· Use for management of contracts, payments, maintenance, services, etc. of products ordered by customers
· Use for delivering products ordered by customers, applied services, information etc.
· Used for confirmation and guidance necessary for providing customers with services etc.
· Use for introducing our service to your friends
· Use for informing you about information on our services, products, campaigns, contests, monitors, events etc.
· Use for creation of statistics, analysis etc. within our company to provide better service / products to customers

2. Provide personal information to third parties

In order to achieve (1) ""Purpose of use of personal information"", we won't give your personal information to a third party except for when we separately sign a confidentiality agreement or other agreements with a company entrusting our business or following cases.
(However, statistical materials that can not identify customers can be excluded)
· When guest consents, agrees
· When it is necessary to protect the rights or person's information property of a customer or a third party
· When it is necessary to cooperate with the request of the national agency or local public entity based on laws and regulations

3. How to manage personal information

We will try our best to implement safety measures within a reasonable range in order to protect your personal information from loss, destruction, unauthorized leakage outside the company, tampering and unauthorized access.

4. Confirmation of customer's personal information, correction etc.

If you need confirmation and correction of your personal information, you can contact the below. We will promptly respond to the reasonable range after separately verifying your identity.

5. About inquiries

We are accepting inquiries regarding customer's personal information handling at the following contact information.

Phone number: 03-3526-0111
Weekly Center Co., Ltd.

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